A Brief History In Time…

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We love being regular, and the idea of this re-flushed, wiped clean, sparkly new site is to help us to be more regular…

By way of an introduction, lets take a quick peek at some of the poop that makes up the history of the characters and the world of Joe Turds ®.


The original incarnation of the characters was created by HuwJ in the early months of 2001 and much like the book with that title, it started with a small idea…

During a passing conversation HuwJ was asked to look at a very sad little drawing that looked like a California Raisin, and was asked if he could draw shit. But the character and concept in that drawing, ‘Mr and Mrs Shit’ was so basic, and the bare use of the word ‘Shit’ was so unappealing that it got HuwJ musing about what could turn a character based on faecal matter into one that had an inherent cuteness to it…

It was a challenge, one that put all of Huwj’s vast animation and comic book training to the test…

The poorly conceived ‘Mr and Mrs Shits’, which while admittedly started the thought process the first incarnation of Joe, went through a series of changes to distance itself from that initial passing conversation. Out went the bare use of the word Shit to be replaced with Sh*t (which we will use from this point on in the blogs).

There was, Bog help us, one attempt at giving the character legs – which looked a lot like the Pepperami man! This was flushed out straight away and there followed various other versions that naturally came with a character’s evolution…

If you don’t believe us, here are a couple of shots of the original stuff, including the raisin!

californ californ2

Look at the likes of Micky Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Peanuts and Garfield – they all underwent the process that creative growth brings too, and the same is true of our smelly brown buddies.

Essentially, what has been kept ‘in the newest’ version of the Turds® is still representative of its first run in 2001-2007/8, which is what made it unique and stand out from other derivative works, (including un-authorized attempts to copy the formula by Huwj’s ex partners, using artists for hire).

But change is necessary, and while the work of that time is still cannon and still the work of the author HuwJ, his work has evolved and is even better than it was then (less crappy to be honest!)

As he has evolved as an artist, so too has the work he does on the Turds® and Joe Turds Turd World® characters and concepts.

In fact, to highlight this here is one of the earliest color drawings of Joe, the core characterization for the Turds®, and sitting right underneath it, the updated version of the character designs as seen in the daily strips, Bud & Lou.

early newtrds

So folks… next time we will show you the basics of drawing a Turd® with some handy dandy little cheat sheets and a whole dosage of humor, and we’ll discuss the sh*t that went down the rabbit hole when we started pushing out the figurines…  in a further History of Joe Turds Turd World®.


The express concept / representation of the character stays the same, something you need to do when designing characters (Intellectual Property). However, there is room for evolution of that expression as long as it comes from the original author or someone they have authorized to do so.

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