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   All artwork and script HuwJ,  characters from  BONE® 2016 Jeff Smith and appear by permission.

A very Different blog from the Art Table at ‘Smokey Joe’s Cafe & studio™’

As I sit here this evening at the End of another year, nestling a coffee in my hands, my mind drifts back to some years Ago where I sat in an old cafe in Jersey, earlier that day, my companion had posed a question to both myself and a roomful of eager students. a simple question but one that I have often asked myself over the years…

What Inspires You.

OK so here we are looking at a blog on a site that’s dedicated to characters that are essentially Poop with faces, or as some of our fans might put it, Faeces with Faces, and here we are talking inspiration.

Admittedly as I had stated in an earlier blog, I studied the subject matter in depth, but its not the substance of the characters that we are talking about in today’s Blog but rather the concept of Storytelling and creative fun.

Comics and Comic strips have colored my life, and since I first read Sad Sack, Peanuts, and Flash Gordon (along with a healthy dose of early marvel comics of course ) I have been in love with the medium.

I read voraciously have done ever since I was a small child, books magazines newspapers comics even the back of cereal boxes, I love reading, and the Comic book/strip medium the adventure stories, with the bold clear amazing art,

Today I really want to pay Homage to one Particular Funny Book and its creator.

BONE by Jeff Smith

Comics are a labor of love, and bone was no different, in 1991 Jeff took a step of faith and left his stable animation job to launch his own publishing studio, refining characters that he created when he was a wee lad of 10 years of age, and bringing them to life on the pages of his own comic book.

in 1993 I was mulling around in the Golden Apple comic book shop in LA and pulled a couple of odd looking books out of a mismatched back issues box. they caught my eye, they were different, odd looking, the characters were unique in their style, and I kinda liked them… so I picked them up along with a few other books I wanted to read, and I took the bus back to Burbank. here I sat and read them with a hot coffee and a bagel.

This was my introduction to the world and mind of Jeff smith, the world of BONE.

Smiths storytelling was a breath of fresh air, the 90s were great for Comics but it was beginning to feel like the same Pouch laden sharp-clawed, heroes were appearing through all the comics, this was something different, and I had to find more. unfortunately, it wasn’t until a couple of years later (1995) that I happily trotted out of my local Comics shop with the reprinted release of the books under the Image imprint.

over the years I have indulged my love for the characters buying various versions ( my 1st collection including some sketches were lost in a studio fire in 2001 ) including the amazing Art of Bone, which laid bare Jeff’s techniques and process sketch pages and blue line, it also opened up the bone characters personalities, or rather the facets of Jeff’s psyche that they represented.

Joe Turds Turd World® might seem like a very different type of concept than Bone, but actually, it’s a lot closer than you might realize. along with other creators like Bill Watterson, Will Eisner, and others the nuances in storytelling that Jeff uses are a significant influence on my own work.
and the fun and clear characterizations a huge inspiration.

As a bit of a New Year surprise… Presented in todays blog are 4 pages of strip that include the Bone characters which have been approved and appear by permission of Jeff and the Bone team. ( the story and artwork is all mine )

these pages will be printed in the back of the next Joe Turds Graphic novel as an added extra along with a few other surprises that we have Planned…

There are so many Turdastic things to look forward to in 2017.


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